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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Well Memorial Day weekend has come and gone and the kick off to the summer is in effect!! I love this time of year and welcome it with the official flavors of summa summa time!!

Day #1 of absolutely gorging:

How can you go wrong with old school burgers and Sabrett hot dogs? Burgers made with freshly ground chuck beef. Chuck sirloin has the right amount of fat that makes a burger come out so juicy and flavorful. Now I know I could have opted for a more exotic type of cheese and maybe have thrown on some caramelized onions but sometimes a burger made with old fashioned American cheese just really hits the spot! I gave my guests the option of sliced pickles, white onion and my special sauce which is basically homemade thousand island dressing with a touch of chipotle to give it a little kick.

My mother made her spare ribs that til this day no one out there has been able to beat! These ribs are made in the oven, not on the grill and the meat just falls right off of the bone.

And this meal just would not be complete without homemade coleslaw and potato salad.

For dessert, we threw together a quick blueberry pie with a homemade crust of course. I made the mistake of not doing an egg wash on the crust so it didn't come out as golden as I would have liked it to be. Nonetheless, the consistency was perfect! Served it with Haggen-Daz sweet chai tea ice cream instead of traditional vanilla.

Day #2 of absolutely gorging:

One thing about being out in the Hamptons for the weekend that is so fab is the access to some of the best fish markets! I love Cor-J's right on lighthouse rd in Hampton Bays. The seafood is really fresh and I do my best to stick to fish and seafood that is caught locally.

We threw together a beautiful zuppa de pesce served in a white sauce (garlic, olive oil and white wine with parsley). I opted for clams, mussels and a 2 lb lobster that I cleaned and split for everyone to share and served it on a bed of al dente linguini. Delizioso!!!

Summer salad made with a homemade balsamic

We decided to skip dessert that night as we started the
morning off with mimosas and silver dollar banana
pancakes with sausage. Just shoot me! I ran 6 miles
both days!

What a perfect foodie weekend to start the summer season!!
As usual...feel free to hit me up for recipes on any of the above. xo

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