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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Darby

The Darby is an over the top supper club that once inside one cannot help but feel as if they have been whisked away to an unknown era.  It's ornate decor has a roaring 20's meets futuristic modernism that I have never seen before. To make a long story short...this place is very special and certainly not an everyday dining experience.  All of your senses are stimulated at The Darby as the principals of elegance, food, music and glamour are all brought together in one shot.

There is a lounge in the basement The Darby Downstairs that is completely diverse in design from the main dining room.  Taking on the look of a beehive with walls covered in a honeycomb gold lacquered cage, the room is truly bizarre but chic and with a couple of cocktails...a lot of fun! In this area they offer an extensive cocktail menu, as well as, a light fare menu.

Chef Alexandra Guarneschelli brings on a menu of pretty straight forward American fare.  It's fresh, delicious and pairs really well with the atmosphere...

       Half dozen oysters $21

Smoked Husdon Valley duck breast with green peppercorns $9 

This was my least favorite dish.  The duck was served chilled and I found the flavor to be bland and the texture unappealing.

The Darby Signature "veal" bacon with homemade red mustard $9

Make sure you try this, it was to die for!!

Homemade ricotta crostini with toasted garlic and king oyster mushrooms $13

Creekstone Farms "Tomahawk" steak for two $100
 Roasted brussel sprouts $8

This menu description of the baked alaska sounds like heaven but we didn't have room to fit it.  Please post a comment on it if you get to try it!

Our check was presented to us in a hollowed out bible box.  Such an awesome little touch!

As for the is 100% on point!  The staff is extremely courteous, helpful and well versed.

The Darby
244 West 14th Street
NY, NY 10014
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Saturday 6pm-12am
Sunday Closed

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