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Monday, February 18, 2013

Sammy's Roumanian

"Oy vey" is all I wanted to say throughout my Sammy's experience!  You sit there sampling delicious staples of traditional Jewish cuisine in a perpetual bar mitzvah like state as a guy wailing on a keyboard (who looks like he has been there as long as the place) belts out traditional Yiddish tunes.  With bottles of Kettle One encased in ice propped down in plastic buckets on the table, you sip vodka while watching drunken patrons take to the dance floor. The place isn't pretty, you kind of feel like you'll get hepatitis just from sitting on the seats lol, however, that is off set by the fluffy potato latkes, chicken liver prepared table side with chicken fat and their signature Romanian tenderloin.  It was one of the most juicy and tastiest pieces of tenderloin I have ever had!  Portions are huge by the way, a small steak could easily feed two!

chicken fat 
chopped chicken liver with radishes, onions and gribenes $11.95

potato latkes $9.95
Romanian Tenderloin sm. $36.95, medium $38.95 
Garlic Broccoli $9.95

egg sodas table side

I'm mesmerized and definitely feeling the vodka lol

Sammy's Roumanian
Jewish Steak House
157 Chrystie Street
NY NY 10002
T. (212) 673.0330
Hours of Operation
Sunday-Thursday 4pm-9pm
Friday & Saturday 4pm-11pm
To view the menu:

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