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Friday, June 7, 2013

Pouring Ribbons

It seems to be official that in the great and almighty culinary world we have entered the era of mixology full force!   These days, finding the perfect mixologist to intricately design the cocktail menu is as important as the role of the executive chef in the back of the house, and when tasting the type of cocktails at a place like Pouring Ribbons; it's really not hard to understand exactly why.  The ice comes strategically cut into certain shapes so as not to melt too fast, keeping the drink at a perfect temperature without watering down it's robust flavor.  Bar condiments loaded up with not just your everyday simple syrup but rosemary and mint infused, the ideal touch for a memorable concoction.  If you like a good drink definitely make your way over to Pouring Ribbons in the east village!  Even the menu is amazing!  Each drink description comes with a chart describing the type of experience you'll get from it, i.e. adventurous or refreshing.  The cocktails here are in the $11-$16 range and if you are a plain old school spirit drinker plan to spend $11-$15 a serving.  Trust me, it's worth it!

Paloma pueblo viejo blanco tequila, lime, grapefruit cordial

Moscow Mule Aylesbury Duck vodka, lime, ginger syrup
Tropic of Cancer  chili-infused pueblo viejo tequila, coffee infused carpano antica, angostura bitters

Pouring Ribbons
225 Avenue B 2nd floor
NY NY 10009
T. 917.656.6788
Monday-Sunday 6pm-2am