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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Prosciutto and Melon

This eternally classic dish is so delicious and takes almost no effort to put together.  Honeydew or Gala melon is most commonly used, however, I really like using cantaloupe for this dish.  You can even do a little bit of both types of melon if you like to keep things interesting.  You want to make sure that you use melon that is ripe and sweet.  If the quality of the melon is not good this dish is a complete failure.  I served this as our pre Christmas dinner amuse bouche.  Everybody gobbled it right up.

Prosciutto and Melon

1 large ripe cantaloupe
1 lb prosciutto thinly sliced (San Daniele is preferred)

Serves 6

Cut the cantaloupe in half and scoop out the seeds, then cut the melon into 1" half moon slices.  Using a really sharp pairing knife, remove the outer skin from each slice of melon. Wrap each individual slice of melon with a slice of prosciutto.  Take a serrated knife and cut the prosciutto wrapped melon into bite size chunks about 1.25" wide.  Serve.

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